Thursday, March 10, 2005

Judah birthdate


California Counties maintained a Great Register of voters that furnished poll workers with a physical description of the voter–birth date, height, complexion, hair color, etc. I have searched the Calif. State Library for the Sacramento County Great Registers, however the Library has no records of such a document for Sacramento prior to 1873.  Thus, we still have no record of Theo. Judah's birth date. Further, the Pioneer File in California does not have a card for Mr. Judah; that document also would have furnished us a birth date. Judah was not in State during the period of the Census in 1860, nor did the City of Folsom maintain a Census of early settlers.  (Judah did serve on a Coroners Jury in 1858, his signature on that Folsom document does not show his age) Should anyone have an idea that would further this search, I'd be pleased to be the 'go-fer' for same.  Chris Graves