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Railroads controlled by the Associates

From: Anonymous

By November 8, 1868, how many railroads, and how many miles of rail did the Associates control? I ask, as by Nov. 8, 1868, the CPRR had 397 miles of rail laid, and 163 locomotives. They would have had a locomotive in park, along the grade, every 2.43 miles.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On Nov. 6, 1868, the Associates had six other railroads under their control, this including the Western Pacific. Coupled with the 1/3 of all locomotives in the shop for repair, I guess they needed 163.

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Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

From: "G J Chris Graves"

In 1869, Sherman Day the surveyor general of California submitted a report to the General Land Office regarding railroads.

The Associates controlled:

1.  The Western Pacific, with 142 miles of rail, not including a temporary connection with the Alameda RR;

2.  California and Oregon RR in the State of California connected to this was the California Central, running 34 miles between Roseville and Marysville;

3.  Sacramento Valley RR, 22 miles from Sacramento to Folsom, and the connecting railroad, Placerville and Sacramento Valley 24 miles;

4.  an unnamed railroad from Marysville to Oroville, 26 1/2 miles;

5.  California Pacific RR 60 miles from Sacramento to Vallejo, plus another 43 miles under construction from Davisville to Marysville; and,

6.  San Francisco and San Jose RR, 80 miles long. 

All of this is in the report of the General Land Office to the Secretary of the Interior, dated. November 1, 1869.

Not named in this report is the San Joaquin Valley RR, founded Feb. 4, 1868; Sacramento Valley sold to the CPRR  Associates August, 1865 ($800,000);  the Western Pacific was sold to the Associates in June 67; the Associates bought the California and Oregon and Marysville RR Dec. 1867; CPRR got the California Central in March, 1868; bought the Southern Pacific  in July, 1868.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the time the last guy died, they nearly controlled California. Leland Stanford was President of 21 railroads in California, not including the Southern Pacific Company, which was not a railroad.

3/01/2006 11:51 PM  
Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

See the map in the Encyclopedia of Western Railroad History by Donald B. Robertson.

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