Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Sacramento Placer & Nevada RR

From: "chris graves"
Date: February 1, 2005 11:06:05 AM EST

Well, after 140 years, we found [the Sacramento Placer & Nevada Railroad original grade].

[See the newspaper story in today's Auburn Journal:

" ... Railroad history buff Chris Graves of Newcastle said the recent re-discovery of a copy of the original Sacramento Placer & Nevada Railroad maps from 1861, with surveyor information on grades and turns, allowed a modern-day survey with a global positioning system. With the information from the 1861 map locating the old railbed's twists and turns, historians and surveyors were able to overlay the old railway onto a modern-day map. Not surprisingly, much of the route traveled along or near what is now Auburn Folsom Road. Part is also underwater, inundated by the Folsom Reservoir. 'The railroad ran 11 miles and except for a 750-foot gap in what is now Hidden Lake Estates, we now know where every single foot of it is,' Graves said. ... "]


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