Friday, December 30, 2005

Model live Steam Engine Construction

From: "nc-schneiwo7"

I am a model construction amateur from Cologne in Germany. I am very interested at live steam because probably be my father and grandfather was a steam engine driver. I am also taken with on shorter distance (was not permitted). I would like to build a R.C. steered live steam locomotive. As help for build I am searching an American Locomotive 4-4-0 either the CP 60 Jupiter (1195) of the CENTRAL PACIFIC RAILROAD with the classical smoke stack for wood burning, or the AMERICAN STANDARD NR. 119 of the Union Pacific from the time of the development of the wild west. The locomotive is to drive on a scale 1:32 trace 1 track width 45 mm of Maerklin (or 1:22,5 trace G 45 mm LGB) by our garden. Unfortunately I could not find closer information up to few pictures of other 4-4-0 locomotives. Perhaps drawings or plans and pictures with the original masses last very helpfully for this.
How were steam cylinders steered?
On pictures I cannot see steam control to the cylinders.
Does it lie in the drive assembly?
Are there contact or Links to Model railroading in America?

—Wolfgang Schneider

CP Freight cars

From: "Todd@Ickler"

Is there a place in your archives where there are detailed drawings or photographs specifically and only of Central Pacific rolling stock and locomotives? Photos and drawings one could use to build an accurate model? Correct lettering of freight cars, colors used, types of cabooses (if used at that time) types of trucks, couplers and running gear. I would have interest in rolling stock unique to building the transcontinental railroad, maintenance of way equipment, specialized locomotives and rollingstock unique to the CP.