Friday, June 29, 2007

"Double chocolate switch engine on rye toast"

Grandfather, Milton Cooper used to say "double chocolate switch engine on rye toast" and everyone would laugh. The joke has been long forgotten. Maybe it's like "No soap radio."

Any thoughts?

Inflation since 1869

How can I learn what $40,000.00 in 1869 would be worth today (2007)?

... for a school project.

Twenty Dollars in Gold Coin Payable to the Bearer on Demand.



OLD  IRON ...  

Looking   for  history  of  a very  old  iron  bridge  located  on  now  abandoned  right of way  of   the old  MARCOLA  BRANCH  at  the  crossing  of  the  McKENZIE  RIVER  near Springfeld, Oregon.       I  belive  this  same  iron  bridge  was  first used  on  the   old  CPRR's  main line  in  Nevada ? ... And  later  was  moved  by  the  SPCo  to  near  HORNBROOK, CA. on  the  old  OREGON  &   CALIFORNIA  RR  Main  line  crossing  of  the  KLAMATH  RIVER. The  builder  of  this   interresting   bridge  was  the   PHOENIX  BRIDGE  CO.  of   PHOENIXVILLE, PA.            Anything  you  might  know  about  this   bridge  would  be  most  helpful.