Sunday, January 16, 2022

Muybridge railroad photos

From: "Heidi Sproat"

Dear RR gents:

I recently became aware of this Eadweard Muybridge Central Pacific Railroad image as [displayed] on the website:

Muybridge #738, tunnel 15
Muybridge Stereoview #738, Tunnel 15.  Courtesy, ©1999-2022.

I am the current Webmaster and online Image Collection facilitator for the 501(c)(3) non-profit historical society, Truckee-Donner Historical Society.

I have done an online search hoping to locate OTHER Muybridge images (most probably stereoviews) of the building of the Central Pacific Railroad and areas, specifically as it traveled between Cisco and Verdi, especially through Truckee and the Donner Lake, and Donner Pass areas.

I am writing an article on photography of the Transcontinental Railroad as it came through the Truckee and Donner Pass areas, specifically noting Alfred A. Hart images (available in public domain through Stanford Libraries), and any H. K. Gage railroad photos.

Muybridge #738, tunnel 15Sierra Summit Contour Map, by Samuel Montague and Lewis M. Clement.  Red railroad coloration added.
From Vose, Manual for Railroad Engineers, 1883.  Courtesy, ©1999-2022.

Do you have access - or can you refer me please - to other Muybridge images (or other photographers) of the transcontinental railroad building effort, trains, surrounding areas between Summit Valley and the Truckee River as evidenced on the Summit Contour map? (I looked online for this [Vose's] 1883 Manual supplementary Contour Map by Lewis M. Clement, but couldn't find a higher resolution image.) Thanks so much for reading through this.

—Heidi Sproat. Truckee-Donner Historical Society (TDHS), Webmaster, Image Collection