Friday, October 23, 2009

History of train conductor hats

From: "Richard Russell"

Were can I find information on the history of train conductor hats?

—Rich Russell

Searching for travel guide from 1870s - Southern Pacific RR Co. - Los Angeles to San Francisco

From: "Brenda Reed"

I was thrilled to find your publication The Pacific [Tourist] by Henry T. [Williams].

I am writing a story set in 1877 that places my characters on a train from Los Angeles to the state line between Utah and Wyoming. I'd like for everything to be as accurate as possible ... do you know of any guide written in the era for the trip from Los Angeles to San [Francisco]?

Thank you so much for all your work in preserving RR history. I am old enough to remember traveling from Wichita to Philadelphia on an "old-fashioned" train with dining car and sleepers. It was a trip never to be forgotten.

—Brenda Reed