Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Historic Pamphlets, before 1859

From: "Amanda E Strauss" astrauss@willamette.edu

I am a researcher with Mission Mill Museum in Salem, Oregon. We are developing an exhibition celebrating the years before Oregon joined the Union in 1859. Towards this end, we are looking for any memorabilia, such as pamphlets, flyers, newspaper advertisements and posters, that were produced to encourage people to emigrate West during the Great Migration. We are interested in materials created by politicians, corporations and private citizens. ...

—Amanda Strauss, Research intern, Mission Mill Museum

Jupiter & 119 paint colors

From: "Don Melcher" don@hfradio.com

I was doing some poking around the CPRR site and found the pictures of the replica CPRR Jupiter and UPRR 119 from about 1979. I then found a photo from May 10, 1994. Big difference in paint! I am wondering what the basis for the change was – was it based on some new information, or was it perhaps at the whim of the NPS just to make it look significantly different from 119?

—Don Melcher, Oakland, CA


UPRR #119