Wednesday, February 09, 2011

United Fruit Company passenger conductor uniform with Scovill brass buttons

From: "William Nimnicht"

My father died 4 years ago. He had a passenger conductors uniform from the United Fruit Company with brass buttons made by Scoville Mg'f in Waterbury. I've not had much luck determining the age or value of the uniform. If any one can help me I'd appreciate it.

—Bill, 4th generation railroader (B&O)

P.S. A photo of the suit and a close-up of a button are attached. ... There is a small tear on the shoulder and one on the collar. I also have seven extra buttons and one shoulder epaulet. Thanks for any information about this suit that you can provide.

United Fruit Company uniform

United Fruit Company uniform

United Fruit Company uniform

"Ever seen a train lay its own track?"

Those who lament the difficult conditions workers faced while building the first transcontinental railroad using manual labor will be cheered by the amazing progress exemplified by this video of a train that lays its own track.

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