Monday, January 02, 2012

Grandpa built the relica of UPRR Locomotive #119

From: "Dale Johnson",

My grand father, Charles D. Russell, worked for the UP for some 40 years. He started as a boiler maker back in the early 1900's. He was asked to come and help build the replica of #119. I was wondering if you may have a roster of volunteers that worked on the building of [the replica of UPRR locomotive] #119.

Thank you for any help or direction you can point me to.

Locomotive #23
Locomotive 23

Verso: "1969
Chuck built the proud end of engine to the first gold ring. Also the stack and the fancy stuff around the bell."

Rock drill

From: "Bill Oudegeest"

I am working on some articles about the CPRR particularly Tunnel 6, the San Mateo (first locomotive over the Summit), the Sacramento (the engine for the shaft house), etc.

I would like to locate a star drill bit such as used by the Chinese to bore holes for black powder while building the Sierra tunnels.

Does anyone have any where I can look? ...

—Bill Oudegeest, Donner Summit Historical Society, Donner Summit, CA