Tuesday, May 20, 2008

San Pablo and Tulare Railroad, 1868

From: "Carol Jensen" Historian@ByronHotSprings.com

Can you refer me to a route map of the Tulare and San Pablo railroad system developed by the Western Development Company, please.  It went through Byron, CA  in 1878, I believe going from Tulare via Banta , Byron, Brentwood, Antioch, and on to San Pablo via Port Costa  It was merged into the Central Pacific and later into the Southern Pacific.  I am looking for a little history on the Railroad and specifically am looking for the name ( first and last preferably) of the original or first Station master for the Byron Depot, Byron, Contra Costa County.  I do not believe the Byron Hot Springs had an official  station master, although it was an official Depot with regular stops.  This railroad was key to moving  wheat and grain from the upper San Joaquin Valley to the British grain ships awaiting cargo at the Califonria Wharf and Warehouse facility, owned by Balfour Guthrie & Co, at Port Costa

Local legend has it that the Byron depot was named after the son of the first Byron Depot master.  I do not believe it. Still. ...

—Carol Jensen, Historian, Byron Hot Springs