Thursday, June 17, 2010

Live Oak CPRR Depot

From: "Judy Irvin"

I am an historical architect retained by the City of Live Oak to Rehabilitate their small railroad depot. It is on the line of the original California and Oregon RR from Marysville to Portland started in the 1860's but taken over by CP after financial difficulties. The C & O reached Live Oak and staged materials there but the Depot was not constructed until 1882 by CP. The Depot was abandoned by SP, CP's successor in the mid 1950's and it has been deteriorating since then. The City has reached an Agreement with now Union Pacific to get the building off their right-of-way and we have obtained approvals from the Keeper of the National Register for the move 40' adjacent to the tracks. The building is now moved and work is well underway but I find that the exterior paint colors under the flaking Colonial Yellow typical of SP are more typically Eastlake...dark mustard for the body. So I am changing my Treatment recommendations for the color pallette from standard SP to the historic pallette building off of the dark mustard.

Do you folks have any information about what colors those very early CP depots would have been painted? ...

—Judy Irvin, Historical Architect