Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Rail Travel in 1903 to San Francisco

From: "JOHN MEADOWS" johnmeadows851@btinternet.com

I'm researching the route my Great Aunt Harriet Wiltshire would have taken after landing at Ellis Island New York in 1903. She arrived on the SS Celtic from Liverpool, England bound for San Francisco.

Understanding that the Panama Canal did not open until 1914 I am assuming that she would have used the Central Pacific railroad to get to San Francisco. Is this the route taken by most immigrants at that time? Can you please give me any further information relating to travel on your railroad in 1903 to this destination. ...

—John Meadows, Sandhurst, Berkshire, England

Doctor William Curless

From: "Barbara Czerwinski" bczerwin@suddenlink.net

For a historical Truckee, California medical project, I am seeking information about Dr. William Curless (23. Jan. 1823 - 26. Jan. 1898). He was a student at Rush Medical College in 1847. In late 1860's, he came to Truckee as the first Central Pacific Railway physician-surgeon. He remained in Truckee as a CPRR and family practice physician-surgeon for the completion of his career and is buried in the Truckee Cemetery. Do you have any pictures of Dr. Curless during his Truckee time? ...

Barbara Czerwinski, PhD
Truckee-Donner Historical Society, Inc.
Research Volunteer