Thursday, October 20, 2005

Question: Information on a locomotive - Schenectady - 2012 wrote:

I recently saw a photo of a rather curious Central Pacific consolidation. It was apparently an enlargement of a builder's photo, and the locomotive pictured was named "Schenectady," and numbered 2012, evidentally having been built by the locomotive works of that name....Could you help me with info. regarding date of manufacture, and any subsequent renumberings or rebuildings?

Kyle Wyatt replied:

CP 2012 was a 4-8-0 built by Schenectady in 1895

I have a reference to sister locomotive #2010:

February 23, 1895 Kern City Standard (Bakersfield, Calif.) - #2010 arrived this week. One of two or three mammoth engines the SP recently had built. It is the object of much interest. Weighs 25 tons. To be put on the mountain [i.e., the Tehachapi run]

John Sweetser

CP-SP named locomotives

From: "Wendell Huffman"

Table of Named Locomotives of the CP-SP World
Sorted by Locomotive NamePDF

Table of Named Locomotives of the CP-SP World
Sorted by Railroad Company InitialsPDF

Table of Named Locomotives of the CP-SP World
Sorted by BuilderPDF

This may prove handy on some occasion.

The goal was to include every named locomotive that ended up in the 1891 roster – or would have were it still around. Only one SF&NP loco is included – and that because it was first on the SF&SJ. I hope this comes through as a word document – so you can resort it at your pleasure – say by company initials. Note, several locomotives are on here more than once – either under different initials/numbers or so one can find locos with multi-word names under any word (like: Gov. Stanford or Stanford, Gov.) Elephant has no road initials because it was not on a named/incorporated railroad while it bore that name (though the same locomotive is there three other places (as C.K. Garrison, Garrison C.K., and Pioneer). And there are a few locos for which builder and/or specs are as yet unknown (if anyone had this, please respond).

CalP – California Pacific
CC – California Central
CC/Y – California Central/Yuba RR
CN – California Northern
CP – Central Pacific
LA&I – Los Angeles & Independence
LA&SP – Los Angeles & San Pedro
O&C – Oregon & California
OC – Oregon Central
S&C – Stockton & Copperopolis
SC&PV – Santa Clara & Pajaro Valley
SF&A – San Francisco & Alameda
SF&NP – San Francisco & North Pacific
SF&O – San Francisco & Oakland
SF&SJ – San Francisco & Jan Jose
SP – Southern Pacific
SV – Sacramento Valley
VV&CL – Vaca Valley & Clear Lake
WP – Western Pacific