Sunday, November 20, 2011


From: "Tonya Dooley"

1. How much would a train ride cost in the 1870's, and what would be included with that price of ticket?

2. How would the people eat and sleep on a train in the 1870's?

3. In the 1870's what land would be for sale along the train ride, and what would be the advantages for settling on this land?

4. What exciting towns and cities would have been seen on a train ride from Omaha, Nebraska to California?

5. What landscape and animals would people see along the train ride starting from Omaha, Nebraska and ending in California?

6. What would be some significant places on a train ride starting in Omaha, Nebraska, and ending in California?

7. How long would it take to get from Omaha, Nebraska to California without the train? ...