Monday, July 28, 2008

Former Mayors of Yuma, Arizona

From: "Marilyn Young"

During my tenure as mayor of Yuma I became interested in my past counterparts. I am now doing research on all of them, but five of them are a special challenge. Of these five we do not have a photograph – two of the five worked for the railroad.

Andrew J Finlay worked for the Central Pacific and then the Southern Pacific in California and Yuma and Tucson, Arizona. He was active during the years ca. 1870-1890.

R J Duncan (first name Ransom) I believed worked for just the Southern Pacific during the same time span, although he was in railroading most if not all of his adult life.

Would there be anyway you could help me in this quest? Or, give me guidance as to were I might find a photo and/or information on these gents. ...

—Marilyn Young
Yuma AZ

"Silk Roads Across North America"

From: "Alan Vanterpool"

I have been in contact with you at one time or another concerning an interest in silk trains. My researches have now been published and can be viewed at the Alberta Railway Museum website. ... Enjoy – and please feel free to comment. Thank you for your help.


Alan Vanterpool,
Edmonton, AB