Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Great Great Grandfather Alexander H. Houston

From: "Juliet Eccles" julieteccles@virginmedia.com

Having just come across your website I am delighted to find information I have been searching for.

Alexander Houston was I believe my great great grandfather. Your article states Alexander died in Honolulu in 1869. Do you know why he was there? His grave is at Lone Mountain, San Francisco. He came from Delaware and married his wife Caroline in Alameda, San Francisco.

I am looking for information about Alexander, his company he ran, his wife Caroline Louisa and his daughter Minnie. Any newspaper cuttings or links to websites would be most helpful.

Minnie married Frank Bowden in 1879 at Calvary Presbyterian Church. They later left to live in England and Frank Bowden started the Raleigh Cycle company. ...

—Juliet Eccles

Col. Alexander H. Houston
Col. Alexander H. Houston
Portrait painting courtesy
of Juliet Eccles.

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