Friday, March 09, 2012

Travel between Des Moines and Portland OR in about 1905

From: "Janis Williams"

I am researching passenger travel between Des Moines and Portland OR in about 1905. I am a little new to this and see lots of information about the engines themselves, but not about how people rode, especially people who had little money. How cheap could you ride? Would there be a supplement for a sleeper car, for example? What would the experience be for the train rider? Would they need to bring enough money to buy food at water stops?

Any help you can provide to point me in the right direction would be very helpful.

—Janis Williams

Book Review of "Search for Judah’s Gold" by Ralph Orlandella

"After childood of loving trains, Lodi native writes a book on railways" by Branden Wiens, © Lodi News-Sentinel, March 9, 2012. (Book Review)

"... Ralph Orlandella ... authored the novel Search for Judah’s Gold, which deals with ... both real-life history and fictional drama into a compelling tale about a search for lost gold hidden somewhere along the original route of the Central Pacific Railroad. ... " [More]

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