Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Question: Dr. Harvey Harkness' Compass

From: "Jerry Williams"

My name is Jerry Williams and I'm needing some info on the laying of the last rail of the transcontinental rail, between the CPRR and the UPRR in 1869.  

My Uncle, who's great uncle was Dr. Harvey Harkness, who was as I understand it was the emissary to the Governor of Utah, at the laying of the last rail and the placing of the last spike to complete the railway between east and west coast. He has a compass that is marked "Laying of the last rail of the CPRR, May 10th 1869, which was the property of Dr. Harkness. I have not seen this compass so I'm only going on the description that my uncle has given me. He is wondering how many were made and how many might be known to be left in existence. He is also wanting to know about it's approximate value for insurance purposes. Thank you for your time  

Jerry Williams