Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Railroad Watch

From: "Eugene Bailen" ewb@netsync.net

We have a Pacific Watch Case company railroad watch serial number 0150233.  It has a certificate of authenticity stating solid gold. Is there any value or historical significance to this watch?


CPRR Coal Fields Route Survey

From: "Paul S. Martineau" pmart7421@sbcglobal.net

While reading my great grandfather's (James Henry Martineau) journal, I came across this entry which I have found no further information on:

The same day 1st Mr. Scupham, C.P.R.R. engineer, who had arrived here from San Francisco to explore for a route for a railroad from Logan or some point near it, across the mountains eastward to the coal fields in the Bear River country, started up Blacksmith Fork Canon in company with two men sent by Bp. O. N. Liljenquist, of Hyrum. I spent several hours agreeably in his company.

Can anyone shed more light on this? The only reference to Scupham I have found is Henry Root's 1921 autobiography.

—Paul Martineau