Thursday, April 08, 2021

"Colfax's historic markers: Take a walk through history in a California railroad town"

"Colfax's historic markers: Take a walk through history in a California railroad town" by Pamela Biery, © Gold Country Media, April 7, 2021. (News Article)

"Colfax is home to an early station on America’s Transcontinental Railroad. Just a minute off Interstate 80, find a series of historic markers that tell the story of this mid-1800s town. Take an easy, level stroll through Colfax’s historic downtown to understand more about how towns throughout the Gold Rush country of the Sierras were shaped by gold and the coming rail transport. ... 14. Freight Depot (7 N. Main): Built circa 1880 by Central Pacific Railroad Company. Constructed of wood using standard S.P. design known as Freight House #2, exhibiting the Victorian-era stick style. This building is the only freight depot of this type remaining in Placer County. 15. First Transcontinental Railroad marker: ... The first train rode through Illinoistown (as Colfax was once known) in September 1865. The railroad became a vital link for traders, commerce and travel that joined the eastern and western halves of the United States. ... 18. Schuyler Colfax statue and marker ... 19. Colfax Amtrak Passenger Depot ... 20. Cape Horn and Blue Star Highway marker ... " [More]

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"Artist chosen for new Golden Spike sculpture"

"Artist chosen for new Golden Spike sculpture." © Box Elder News Journal, April 7, 2021. (News Article)

"The National Park Service (NPS) and Golden Spike Foundation/ Spike 150 announced on Friday that Ilan Averbuch has been selected to design a new commemorative work that will be donated to Golden Spike National Historical Park. According to a press release, the purpose of the piece, titled 'Monument to Their Memory,' will honor all the railroad workers from many different cultures and backgrounds whose backbreaking efforts were crucial in the construction of the nation’s first transcontinental railroad. ... " [More]

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