Saturday, January 17, 2015

How many daily transcontinental freight trains?

From: "G Boss"

I was wondering how many freight trains crossed the United States everyday, in todays numbers? That's the only question I have. Please and thank you for reading this.

Looking for a railroad map between Red Bluff and Redding, California, c. 1871

From: "Dennis Young"

I live in Red Bluff, CA and I am doing some history search of the Railroad between Red Bluff, CA and Redding, CA. I would like to know if you have a detailed map of the railroad when it was surveyed or just after the tracks were laid in about 1871ish. This would be very helpful to me as I would like to write an article showing the "California Oregon Road" between the two cities. There are so many pages of places to look [for maps] on your site that after 2 hours of looking, I have given up. ...

—Dennis Young

P.P.F. Degrand and railroads

From: "Bruno Indekeu"

I'm writing an article upon PPF Degrand (1785-1855) from Boston.

One of the aspects will be his interest in railroads.

I managed to download some texts (attached) that will probably be of some interest ...

Also interesting– An Address by Peter Paul Francis Degrand: On the Advantages of Low Fares, and Low ...

—Bruno Indekeu, Belgium