Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Chinese Coffins 1863-64

From: KyleKWyatt@gmail.com

A little more fodder for the "Chinese Deaths" discussion. Attached are articles from the Sacramento Union in 1863 and 1864 about the shipment of Chinese bodies back to China – these before the Central Pacific employed any Chinese. What it shows is the common practice of shipping deceased Chinese back to China. This suggests that the account of the large number of bones of dead Chinese reported in 1870 are not necessarily exclusively those of Central Pacific workers. —Kyle

Chinese Coffins in 1863

The Sacramento Union Friday, January 1, 1864 summary of 1863
April 3, 1863
Three hundred Chinese coffins and contents shipped to San Francisco.

Sacramento Daily Union, Monday, January 2, 1865 summary for 1864
April 1, 1864
The carcasses of 286 defunct Celestials were shipped to the Central Flowery Land for Interment.