Monday, February 06, 2006

Cost to build the Union Pacific Railroad

From: What was the total cost to build the Union Pacific Railroad?

Nevada Coal

From: "Sam Limerick"

I am a contract geographer/geologist for the US Dept of Energy and a geography grad student at University of Nevada-Reno. In the process of making some maps showing the distribution of coal occurrences in NV, I came across an undocumented report which stated, "Ever since the 1860's, the Central Pacific RR had a standing offer for anyone who discovered a commercial-grade deposit of coal in Nevada. The railroad had no coal for it's engines closer than Wyoming and badly needed a substitute for the high-priced eastern product." The implication was that this offered reward sparked an intense (but unsuccessful) search for coal in NV during the late 1800's.

Do you know of any supporting evidence for this claim? I am putting together a poster on NV coal, and I would love to include some historical aspects related to the railroad.

Thanks for any help you can lend,

—Sam Limerick, Reno, NV