Saturday, December 09, 2006

Flavius B. Clement, b. New York c. 1827, d. Sacramento CA 1864

From: "Wendell Huffman"  

On 16 January 1864 a train of three flat cars pushed by the locomotive "Gov. Stanford" and carrying an excursion party derailed on the curve at 6th between G and H streets in Sacramento. Several passengers were injured. The only fatality was one Flavius B. Clement of the railroad company's engineering department, who was thrown from the cars. If not the CPRR's first fatality, he was certainly one of the first. Prior to February 1859 he was located in Monterey county.  

Was he related to Lewis Metzler Clement?  


Impact of the transcontinental railroad

From: Michael Ferrie

I am doing a project on the transcontinental railroad for history at school and I was looking for pages concerning the impact on white Americans during and after the railroad was built. I was searching on the web and can't find anything ... —

Michael Ferrie