Sunday, November 05, 2006

Newcastle photographs

From: "John Perry"

... Of particular interest [are] the pictures of the trestle project in New Castle, now called Newcastle. Photos of the turn table, 3 story Hotel that burned down, Fruit packing sheds, etc.

I worked in those Fruit packing sheds way back and also the sheds in Penryn and Auburn!! My Father and Grand Father operated and managed the packing sheds in Penryn, Loomis, and Auburn also.

When looking at where the trestle was located there was a small Chinese city there in Newcastle, when Interstate 80 was put there they made an overpass and demolished the Chinese city. Some of the Chinese buildings were moved by trucks to a pig farm up in Colfax. I know where that location is and if you want I could get photos of the houses/shacks that were moved there. They were moved to the Pig Farm on Iowa Hill Road just to the East of Colfax.

When I worked in the packing sheds in Colfax we would take the cull pears out to "Stinky's" Pig Farm place there and drop off the cull pears for the pigs to eat. We pulled inside the gates then we had to go out through the windows of the truck, climb up onto the top of the dump truck, then open the side shoots to release the load of cull pears. We could not simply open a door and get out to do this as the pigs would swarm the truck. We had to be sure all the pigs were out of the way before we drove off as to not run any of them over. ...

—John Perry, Penryn, California

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