Tuesday, February 22, 2005

T. D. Judah

It appears that our Mr. Judah was an awful busy fellow; he arrived in San Francisco on July 12, 1860, aboard the Golden Age, (this after having lobbied the 36th Congress, 1st Session in favor of the Pacific Railroad Act) and managed to get to Auburn, Placer County, to place the attached ad for rail, chairs, spikes, locomotive engines, etc. The ad ran in the Placer Herald on July 14, 1860. chris graves

Judah and Co.

Search for maps - Dutch Flat Wagon Road

From: Edward L Hodges ehodges@ix.netcom.com

Five of my history buff friends visited the State Archives last month and viewed about 15 maps including the 100' Judah map showing in extreme detail the route of the RR over the summit. We also paid a visit to the RR Museum Library in Old Town and found some interesting maps showing CPRR stations in great detail. I was personally looking for more info. on the Dutch Flat Wagon Road. Specifically, I am looking for survey maps that might have been created in 1863-64. I know that R.H. Pratt was the general superintendent of road construction (see my attachments), and I suspect that maps were created because the road was closely associated with the RR.
Do you have suggestion on where I might look?
As I await your reply, I remain sincerely,

Ed Hodges, San Jose