Thursday, January 17, 2008

Transcontinental Railroad Workers

From: "Marianne Price"

I have three books, two of them are signed at Promontory Point, Utah.

The Compound Locomotive Supplement to The Science of Railways, by Marshall M. Kirkman. The autograph is hard to read, it looks like Ruy narcrs 10/9/1899 It could be Ray Narcrus or it could be Ruynarcrus.

A Catechism on the Combustion of Coal and the Prevention of Smoke by William M. Barr, M.E. published by Norman Henley & Co. This one isn't signed, however, it was one of the three.

Up to Date Air-Brake Catechism by Robert Hl. Blackall published by Norman W. Henley & Co.
Autographed by: Ralph W. Traver's Promontory Utah 4/10/01

They are maroon books with leather backs. They are in great condition with pictures that are protected by thin paper.

Hopefully, someone can help me!

Maybe I could take a photo of the one signature that I can't make out.

—Marianne Price

"Not bad, for an old lady: Fifty tons of historical locomotion"

"Not bad, for an old lady: Fifty tons of historical locomotion" by David E. Cook, © Sacramento News and Review, January 17, 2008. (News Article)

" ... Granite Rock No. 10 is just waking up. She’s 65 years old ... the working steam-powered locomotive that is a prominent part of Sacramento’s world-renowned California State Railroad Museum collection—one of fewer than 100 steam locomotives still operating in the United States. ... Most of the volunteers at the railroad museum are not former train people. ... Most people on the train crews start at the museum as docents. ... There is a pattern to the whistle blowing ... 'Any time you cross another right-of-way, you have to blow two long, one short and a long, and you have to blow it so that the last long sounds as you pass [the right-of-way].' ... " [More]

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