Saturday, June 24, 2006

Chinese living underground????


Sometime in the last 6 years we visited a city underground, where Chinese immigrants lived while building the Transcontinental railroad. It was somewhere in the Midwest I believe and I would like to locate it again. Does anyone know where I am referring to?

Do you have an online gift shop?

From: "Hubbard, Katy"

We are trying to find a retirement gift for someone who loves railroads. Do you have a gift shop that sells replicas of the Golden Spike that he could use as a paper weight on his desk? Or do you sell other memorabilia that a train buff might enjoy?

—Katy Hubbard


From: "Henri"

I work near a railroad that always has slow trains passing us. They are very old cargo trains on a very old railway and I'm very concerned about them since they are moving along a railway path that has been mapped and created right next to a stream. It must have been built a long time ago.

In the future we shouldn't build railroads next to water areas since trains work with electricity and water that is near that kind of system is not as safe as those that are far away from water. For safer trains we need less rails next to water streams. It's actually very nice to see trains quietly riding along stream paths though it's also risky.

This is one of those e-mails that seems very drawn out. Though, I just thought that I should mention it to you. The museum seems like a good place to share chatting ideas with on trains. I'd send this message to a modern train company though these trains are a bit ancient.