Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pony Express Map

From: "Krystle Williams",

My family and I have found this picture in our family collections that has come to my attention. We have this beautiful map of the pony express route April 3rd 1860- October 24Th 1861 by Williams Henry Jackson. I wanted to know if this could be a copy or an original. Really not sure what it is worth if worth anything. ...

—Krystle Williams

Japanese railroad workers of the early 1900's

From: "Edward Immel"

I am looking for either written information or photographs concerning the Japanese railroad workers of the early 1900's. I have a blue print of a "Japanese Workers' Bunkhouse" from 1905, but would like more information on the details of what amenities, if any, would be included in the bunkhouse. I am building a 1" scale model of the bunkhouse.

Thank you for any information or links that you might provide to me. ...

—Ed Immel