Monday, March 12, 2007

Question - Trip

From: "Amy Goldsmith" amy118 (at)

Thank you for your wonderful site!

I am an elementary school librarian in CA. I have wanted for some time to ride the RR up to Truckee & take a bus back, just to travel the route! Sometime past I heard that there are occasionally docents along to point out RR features... but I keep asking around about that and finding no leads. I would be particularly pleased to figure this out, so I can tell our 4th graders about how to take the trip too.

Failing that, can you recommend one of the videos that might give us a feel for making the train trip? I note that your site offers several. Ideally, I need one that is the right length and pace to share with 4th graders... even if that's 15-30 minutes of a longer tape. I want them to have a better feel for what it meant to build the RR though the Sierras. :)

Also... for those who DO want to make the trip, is the Summit Tunnel accessible? Now that the track does not go through, I would enjoy the opportunity to just go LOOK. Reading about it is one thing... visiting is another.

Thank you again for the beautiful work you have done on your web site.

I visited the Cantor Center at Stanford today, and left a note that their page move seems to have broken every RR site's links to Stanford. I still find it highly amusing that I have been to the Golden Spike NHS... but that two of the four spikes are right here near home. ;)

Thank you!

—Amy Goldsmith
Daves Avenue School
Los Gatos, CA 95030 (home) (work)