Thursday, March 27, 2008

Guide to Railroads in California by L. M. Clement

Bruce Cooper directs our attention to:

Guide to Railroads in California by L. M. Clement

"L. M. Clement was one of the leading civil engineers responsible for surveying and building the eastbound route of the Central Pacific Railroad, thereby contributing to the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869. The collection comprises a handwritten copy of Clement's twelve-page report on the state of the California railroads before 1876, including assessments of Chinese laborers and their supervision, an evaluation of the condition of California's roads, and a description of the role of chief engineer in a railroad project."

Help with college paper on Chinese RR Workers

From: "Richard Winters"

I'm working on a college thesis paper detailing the contributions of Chinese immigrants. I'm essentially trying to prove that, without their help, it wouldn't have been finished near as quickly.

I've picked up a couple books (the best being Nothing Like It In the World), but I'm looking for more sources with statistical information to help make the case. This site looked like the best bet, and it was referenced in my ECON textbook. If you have any suggestions on sources with good statistics, I would be most appreciative. ...

—Richard Winters

Historic railroads which still operate

From: ""

I am looking for a good website or sites that has information on historic railroads which still operate. Can you provide me any links? Thank you.

—Andrew Otto