Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Origin of "Cisco" [John Jay Cisco]

From: "Kyle Wyatt"
Subject: Origin of "Cisco" follow-up

This is another place where the book California Place Names is in error. The Central Pacific Treasurer was Mark Hopkins, not John Cisco.

"Cisco" was named for John J. Cisco, the sterling assistant treasurer of the United Sates, during the late Civil War." [Williams Pacific Tourist, 1876.]

More on John J. Cisco, Assistant Treasurer of the US at the New York Sub-Treasury.

See the New York Times article on his death in 1884. It also notes at the behest of President Lincoln, Cisco was the first Treasurer of the Union Pacific.

Kyle K. Wyatt
Curator of History & Technology
California State Railroad Museum

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Yesterday, we attended a tour lead by docent Larry which started at the surveyor's camp. Larry shared great historical train facts with the group. One question was asked as to how Cisco was named. He and another docent did not know. According to the book Calif. Place Names Cisco was named in 1865 by Central Pac RR for John J. Cisco, treasurer of the company from 1863-1869. It was the suggestion of Charles Crocker. Before that it was known as Heaton Station. FYI