Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Crystal Peak coal. "INDUSTRY"

JANUARY 2 1869

Coal at Argenta.

We have seen some specimens of coal discovered near Argenta, on the line of the railroad, one hundred and seventy miles east of Reno. It looks like real coal, burns like real coal, and experts believe it is real coal. The strata as yet discovered is but about eighteen inches wide, but the discoverers are greatly rejoiced, and the railroad stockholders are in extacies. Alexander Wightman, of the Pacific Western Express Company, kept his stove red hot with coal all day Thursday, and five tons were to have been shipped yesterday to Sacramento to be tried on a locomotive. If the lead is real and permanent it will be a treasure beyond price to the desert where it exists.

January 30 1869

Crystal Peak Coal

Docter Harrison, of Crystal Peak, has revived his coal mine; neighbor Borowsky has, we think, an interest in the mine, he brought us a piece of coal a few days since which he took from the mine himself. We tried a part of it in our stove, it burned nicely.

The locomotive "Industry" gave it a trial lately, and the engineer in charge pronounced it superior to the pine wood of Crystal Peak for steam making purposes. Borowsky informs us that where they are working in the tunnel, the tunnel is surrounded on all sides by coal, and they do not know the extent of the vain. A richer quality of coal is beginning to appear in the tunnel and all those interested in the mine wear a "eureka" expression on their continence. May there smiles broaden, may they each enabled to keep a coal yard if they want to, may they deal so righteously on earth that no cinders will adhere to them beyond, and may they be finally dumped in Paradise.

FEBRUARY 20 1869

A locomotive:- came down from Verdi on Wednesday last using for fuel nothing but Crystal Peak coal.

Dale Darney