Sunday, November 19, 2006

Leland Stanford's business car

From: "Richard Gagnon"

I have just purchased a HO brass CP Huntington locomotive and I would like to build a model of the business car used by Leland Stanford. Is there a photo of the car?

—Richard Gagnon

Check out this old lithograph ...

From: "Jason Franklin"

Please check out this old litho that my father has owned for over 30 years. It was given to him by an old porter for the L&N Railroad in Louisville, KY, where my father and grandfather both had worked. It appears to me that this is not an L&N train. It bears a striking resemblance to a Central Pacific train. Upon close inspection it appears as though an L&N sticker has been placed over something else at the bottom of the print. ...

I am absolutely intrigued by this old dude and would love to know any info pertaining to it's history.

—Jason Franklin, Sellersburg, IN

railroad lithograph
"Speed, Comfort & Safety to All who Travel ... "