Monday, August 28, 2006

Fare of a transcontinental trip - ticket price

From: "Paul Jeannin"

What was the fare of a transcontinental trip when the railroad was complete and what first stop west of Big Mountain Pass when the railroad was completed?

Golden Spike Report by Robert L. Spude now online


[Golden Spike Report posted online today:]

Promontory Summit, May 10, 1869
A History of the Site Where The Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads Joined to Form the First Transcontinental Railroad, 1869, With a Special Focus on the Tents of May 10, and with Recommendations for Interpretation of and Historic Furnishings Study for the Tents at the Last Spike Site, Golden Spike National Historic Site, Utah

By Robert L. Spude, History Program
And with the assistance of Todd Delyea, Historic Architecture Program

Cultural Resources Management
Intermountain Region, National Park Service