Friday, February 04, 2022

"Southern Pacific history remembered"

"Southern Pacific history remembered", Classic Trains, © Kalmbach Media, February 4, 2022. (History Article)

" ... Union Pacific purchased the Southern Pacific on Sept. 12, 1996. SP enthusiasts can take pleasure in knowing that technically SP merged UP, not the other way around. On Feb. 1, 1998, the Southern Pacific Transportation Company (a Delaware corporation) merged the Union Pacific Railroad and was then renamed the Union Pacific Railroad Company. Thus ended more than a century of Southern Pacific history." [More]

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"Most Expensive Mansion in New Jersey ..."

"Most Expensive Mansion in New Jersey ..." by Luna Fawkes, © The Proclaimer, Santa Clarita Valley, February 4, 2022. (News Article)

"A Mahwah house steeped in Gilded Age splendor is the most expensive address in New Jersey. The Crocker-McMillin mansion, a 58-room, a four-story brick masterpiece that has been compared to the royal residence in Versailles, sold for $26 million in late December, making it the most expensive mansion sold in the Garden State last year. ... The house was a result of America's tremendous industrial riches at the turn of the century. George Crocker was a businessman whose father co-founded the Central Pacific Railroad Company ... " [More]

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