Saturday, September 24, 2005

Henness Pass

From: "Chuck Scimeca"

Mr. Joe King writes the following on his article about the Henness Pass. I would like to know how I can review the book he refers to "a self published book about the history of Nevada County, CA covering the years 1859-1869"? There are no reference notes in the article. The title of the web site link is Nevada Survey Maps.

My research on the Henness Pass Road brings up surprises daily, and often they include the CPRR! Only today I ran across a self-published lengthy book about the history of Nevada County, California, covering the years 1859-1869.

Chuck Scimeca
Nevada City, CA
Retired State Park Ranger

Question re Vallejo-Calistoga line in 1874

From: "David Stansfield"

I am writing a novel based on the life of Eadweard Muybridge. I am trying to find out which railroad Muybridge took in 1874 from Vallejo to Calistoga on his way to murder Major Harry Larkyns. Was it the California Pacific or the Napa Valley Pacific? (I've heard both) Also do you know what the locomotive and cars looked like at the time? Where they painted with black enamel? What markings, lettering, etc? Was the locomotive short and squat? How different was it from the locomotives used by the Central Pacific? Who owned the California/Napa Valley Pacific Railroad in 1874? Was it Samuel Brannan? Would there have been a first-class car and a "ladies only" car on the train Muybridge took?

—David Stansfield, Malibu, CA