Thursday, June 29, 2017

James Harvey Strobridge having an eye patch

From: "Roland De Wolk"

I have read multiple accounts of Strobridge having an eye patch but every photo I have seen (including that on your site) shows him without.

Is there someone who can explain? ...

I have, I believe, exhaustively examined any all photos of Strobridge and there isn't one yet with a eye patch. (I was at the [California] State Library history room today looking at the images, for example.) Perhaps he preferred not to [have] been that way and removed it before posing. I don't like guessing!

I'm just wondering if you have any thoughts about that?

Regardless, thank you again for your time and work.

Roland De Wolk

Pacific railroad bond, 1865

From: "John Kelsey"

I have bond #58 of the 1865 railroad bond & would like an estimate of its insurance value. I do not plan on selling it since my great-great-grandfather was E.B. Crocker who was the lawyer for the Big Four. ... My great-grandmother was Jennie Crocker Fassett. ...

Here are the best photos I could take of this Pacific Railroad bond. It is signed by M(W?) R Shaber (Shabir?) on the right side above the coupons. There are 31 coupons still attached and the bond has been cancelled. It's in very good shape other than wrinkled and a couple creases from being folded. ...

If you might comment on the insurance value (just an estimate) I will appreciate it. I have been to the RR Museum in old town Sacramento & the Crocker Art Museum twice each which are 2 great places. ...

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

—John Kelsey

Pacific railroad bond, 1865

Pacific railroad bond, 1865