Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Jasper Stahl (1844-1909) - Captains and pilots of CPRR steamers

From: "Heidi Cavagnolo"

My great grandfather was the pilot of the CPRR steamer Apache from at least 1881 until at least 1884, based on San Francisco City directories.

He was a pilot before this time and after until at least 1901. I don't know if the other steamers that he captained or piloted over the years were also for CPPR.

They were:
1893 Sonoma
1893 Aurora
1898 Onward
1901 Onward

Do you have a list of the steamers that were owned by CPRR and/or a list of the pilots/captains of the ships that CPRR owned between 1871 and 1909? ...

—Heidi Cavagnolo

Jasper Stahl, 1876
Jasper Stahl, 1876

Margaretha Bellmer Stahl, 1876
Margaretha Bellmer Stahl, 1876

Portraits courtesy of Heidi Cavagnolo.