Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Volume III of Reports of Exploration and Surveys

From: "Lana and Bill Yeary" lbyeary@roadrunner.com

I have an original of Volume III of the Reports of Exploration and Surveys to Ascertain the Most Practicable and Economical Route for a Railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, published in 1856. The book is in fairly good condition and the lithographs are in great condition. I am not sure what the value of this one volume would be, who might be interested in it or what is the best way to preserve it. ...

—Bill Yeary

Gilbert Sweet worked for the Pullman Palace Car Company

From: "Susan Graham" SGraham@dmh.lacounty.gov

My Great Great Uncle, Gilbert Sweet, my Grandmothers Uncle worked for the Pullman Palace Car Company. Our family history has it that he knew and was a friend of Robert Lincoln. Is it possible to find out if he was an employee? He lived in Oak Park, Illinois and brought up 3 children.

Is there a site for the employees who worked in Lincoln's time?

It would be great to get some confirmation. ...

—Susan Variel Graham