Thursday, August 24, 2006

CP/SP Depot Bollard Question

From: "Randy Ruiz"

I am looking for drawings or any other information that exists documenting what appears to have been a standard Southern Pacific bollard design. In case you do not know, a "bollard" is a short vertical obstruction set into the ground used to protect buildings and such from vehicles. The current operators of the Sunol depot may want to install replicas of these bollards. Since identical bollards are visible in photos of other S.P. depots, I thought that perhaps the railroad had fabricated them. Any leads would be appreciated. The [Southern Pacific Photo from the Union Pacific Museum Collection showing bollards in place at the Sunol Depot in 1913 is displayed on] the Centerville Depot website. The roof ridges and finials are interesting details as well.

Randolph R. Ruiz [Architect]