Monday, January 29, 2007

Central Pacific Libraries

From: "Wendell Huffman"

I notice a "library" on an 1880s era plat of Wadsworth, Nevada. The coloration of the symbol for the structure [blue] and its location adjacent to the railroad across the tracks from the locomotive facilities suggests that this library was railroad property.  

Is there evidence that the Central Pacific established and maintained libraries?  

If company-established and maintained, were these for employees, passengers, and/or residents of the adjacent town?  

Further, if company-established, how common were these?  

Surprisingly, libraries appear to not be mentioned in Richard Orsi’s Sunset Limited. I believe there were company libraries under Harriman, but this question focuses on the pre-Harriman era.  

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Distance from railroad to homes

From: Anthony_Adedipe@Countrywide.Com

What is the distance in feet allocated to rail road company's from rail roads to homes built within the proximity per act of Congress?