Thursday, December 21, 2006

First "telecommuter"

Did you know that "the first 'telecommuter' was a woman railway telegrapher who 'operated' from her home's parlor because the depot was regarded as unsuitable as a workplace for a single girl in the pre Civil War era."?

[Courtesy Neill Herring, from the R&LHS Newsgroup.]

Solano Ferry Model

From: "Eddy Matthews"

I looked at [the] model of the CPRR Solano and was in awe! An absolutely beautiful piece of work!

I'd like to make a fully operational radio controlled model of the Solano, and wondered if any plans were available anywhere? ...

I live in England (UK), and run a website devoted to modelling paddlers of all descriptions ... , so I hope you will be able to see I'm serious and not just another time waster! :-)

If you can help in any way I'd be extremeply grateful....

Eddy Matthews
32 Whitley Road
TS17 9HZ