Friday, April 13, 2012

Southern Pacific steam engines ca. 1879/80 and Camp Armstrong

From: "Greg Whipple",

I am in need of viewing a photograph(s) or good illustrations of the engines and flat cars used by the Southern Pacific Railroad during construction of the road across New Mexico in 1879/80. Where might I locate such photos?

I have been commissioned to paint a mural for a large, new government building that will show construction of the railroad and the locomotive used to bring in track and ties. Credit will be given to the source.

In addition, I am trying to locate a supply or construction point on the SP railroad that was called Camp Armstrong. Camp Armstrong was used by the 9th Cavalry as a point to obtain supplies shipped by rail in 1877/78. It apparently was somewhere in the Las Cruces, El Paso area on the main line and may have been the terminus of the line at that time. ...

—Greg Whipple