Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stereoscopic photos from Charles Weitfle

From: "James Hanna"

I have the following stereoscopic photos from Charles Weitfle:

No. 945 Denver from East to West
No. 141. The Dome, Boulder Canon
No.501-2-Mount of the Holy Cross
120-View in Williams Canon
No. 28 James Peak
No. 152. Long's Peak front Mount Olympus
No. 212- View in Platte Canon
No. 129- Twin Lakes. Distant View

I believe these are from the 1800's On the back of each are two seals, one from the Colorado Industrial Association and the other from an award dated 1878 to Charles Weitfle. Some have descriptions of the view and the others don't.

I was wondering if they have any value and who would I contact.

—Jim Hanna