Tuesday, September 06, 2005

F. B. Clement

Can you tell me who "F. B. Clement" was? He was born on or about April 1826 in New York and died in California on January 15, 1864. He died at the age of 37 years, 9 months and was buried in Sacramento, Calif. He was a widower and left a daughter aged about 11 years of age.

There is no doubt from what I have learned that there was a connection between him and Lewis M. Clement and would like to determine what family relationship there was. He was apparantly about ten years older than L.M. Clement and I wonder if he might have been a brother to Lewis's father or perhaps a cousin. Whatever it was they were close in their relationship in California.

—Ed Strobridge

CPRR Engineering Dept. Payrolls 1862-63

New exhibit at the CPRR Museum:
CPRR Engineering Department Payrolls 1862-1863.

Courtesy of the California State Railroad Museum.

Question: Lowest fare in 1869

From: n.gertner@comcast.net

Please tell me the lowest fare from New York to California when the Transcontinental Railroad was completed in 1869. Thank you very much.

Nancy Gertner, Ph.D.
Guilford, CT

Computer Basics - Tutorial

I guess I am the world's dumbest or unluckiest - duh - I cannot get my computer to accept the address for your Nevada photos [that I received by e-mail]. ... What am I doing wrong?