Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Track spirit level

From: NEDFLASH@aol.com

I have 2 standard gauge track spirit levels identical to the one shown on your website. How old are they? How rare? Where can I obtain an appraisal?

Route from West Branch, Iowa to Portland, Oregon

From: "Margriet Ruurs" margriet@margrietruurs.com

I enjoyed your informative site!

I wonder if you can tell me which route an emigrant train would have taken from West Branch, Iowa to Portland, Oregon in 1885?

Would that have been the Union Pacific via Omaha, Denver and Ogden?

Would the journey have taken 7 days?

Margriet Ruurs, writer, Oregon

Size of the land grants

From: "Del Weber" dweber777@cox.net

What was the size of the land grants for each mile constructed?