Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Rocklin’s Roundhouse 1867 to 1908, by Gary Day, Rocklin & Roseville Today

"Rocklin’s Roundhouse 1867 to 1908," by Gary Day, © Rocklin & Roseville Today. (News Article)

" ... The Rocklin facility opened in May 1867. It was located at the intersection of Front Street and Granite (now Rocklin Road) east of today’s Crossroads Church. It included 25 engine stalls, a turntable and an 8,000 square foot woodshed where Rocklin woodchoppers stored the 16 cords of wood that each engine needed for the 82-mile strain to the Sierra summit. The roundhouse’s foundation and exterior walls were constructed of rock and masonry but early undated photos show significant wooden construction in the roofing and stalls. In 1869 the woodshed burned and was quickly rebuilt. In 1873 the roundhouse burned again as its roof was being tarred. The fire destroyed ten engines and damaged several coaches but the facility continued to function. ... By April 1908 the railroad had moved all roundhouse operations to Roseville and the Rocklin facility was closed permanently. ... " [More]

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