Sunday, March 19, 2006

Historical Research on Transcontinental Railroad trip in the late 1890's


I'm writing a novel that includes a trip on the transcontinental railroad (from San Francisco to Cheyenne) in the late 1890s, and I need as detailed information as I can get on what the trip would have been like in terms of the train itself and the sights. I've found your site quite helpful; however, the articles you have on travel pertain to the 1860s to early 1880s. Any suggestions on further sources of information? ...  

Ray Schultze

Author Interview: "Passage to Union: How the Railroads Transformed American Life, 1829-1929" by Sarah Gordon

Passage to Union: How the Railroads Transformed American Life, 1829-1929 by Sarah Gordon about the "the effect train travel had on the rural economy and the lives of ordinary citizens."

The 1997 C-SPAN Booknotes interview is being replayed on cable television on Saturday, March 25 at 6:00 PM.

Alert courtesy of Bruce C. Cooper.